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Reference: ISH2015_463

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Study on the Interface Resistivity Between Silicone Rubber and Fiber Reinforced Plastic in Composite Insulators



The interface between silicone rubber and fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is an internal macroscopic interface in composite insulators. Generally speaking, the interface is the weak point in the whole composite insulation system. Some interfacial defects, such as interfacial adhesion loss, moisture ingress, impurities at the interface, can lead to a significant decline of insulation performance. It should be noted that, the detection method for interface between silicone rubber and FRP is relatively scanty. In this research, a novel electrode system is designed and manufactured to evaluate the interface resistivity between silicone rubber and FRP. The electrode system includes a high voltage electrode, a measuring electrode and two shield electrodes, in which the high voltage electrode and measuring electrode are embedded in the interface in the curing process. Through this electrode system, the interface resistivity between silicone rubber and FRP can be measured. In practice, when the composite insulators encounter moisture or liquids, according to our previous study, the moisture/liquids may penetrate into the silicone rubber housing and arrive at the interface between the silicone rubber and FRP, causing the deterioration of the interface and also the change of interface resistivity. In this research, the polarization currents between silicone rubber and FRP before and after liquids permeation were measured by a measurement system. The interface resistivity was calculated. The influence of the type and the concentration of solution on the interface resistivity were explored and further discussed. By control the time of liquids permeation, several interface resistivity-time curves were gained, which may reflect the deterioration process of the interface to a certain extent.

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Year: 2015

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