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Reference: ISH2015_427

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Preparation New Epoxy Composite Insulating Material with higher Thermal Conductivity



High voltage insulation systems are based on mica-glass fabric tapes with resin impregnation by vacuum pressure impregnation, or pre-impregnated resin-rich mica glass fabric tapes. Improvements in this area are still accessible, it can be shown for example looking for new material. A new class of epoxy composite insulation from inorganic particles with higher thermal conductivity can enable new production processes and revolutionize the design of electric machines. This article describes the influence of material thermal properties on the properties of electrical insulation materials in electrical devices. Composite materials combine the advantages of individual components, and allow synthesizing materials with better properties than those of the individual components. The aim of this experiment is to improve thermal properties of epoxy based composites using nano filler and micro filler. By adding filler with good thermal conductivity to a composite it can be modified its thermal conductivity. Materials with low thermal conductivity form a thermal barrier on the path of the heat flow from its beginning in the electrical equipment to the cooling medium. This article deals with preparation of epoxy (DGEBA) composites with nano and micro fillers silicon oxide (SiO2). Therefore it is quite challenging to accurately measure the amount of heat that passes through some material. Then this article describes new device for measuring heat transfer of material was created.

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Year: 2015

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