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Reference: ISH2015_425

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Ageing Assessment of a Gas to Liquid Hydrocarbon Transformer Oil Compared with an Inhibited Mineral Oil



Mineral oils extracted from crude oil have been used as an insulating liquid in power transformers for over a century. However, in recent years Gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology has been introduced to produce iso-paraffinic transformer oil that are purer and hence could provide better performance over the conventional mineral oils. This paper investigates the ageing performance of a GTL based transformer oil and its effect on paper ageing compared with a conventional inhibited mineral oil through an accelerated laboratory ageing experiment. The experiment was conducted with oil paper systems in a sealed condition at 120 °C for up to 40 weeks. During the experiment, ageing state of oil and paper was assessed through different measurements including moisture, acidity, tensile strength and 2-FAL. Results showed that the ageing of GTL oil is similar to that of mineral oil in terms of acidity and moisture. Nevertheless, colour of the GTL oil changed more slowly than that of Gemini X. Furthermore, tensile strength of paper aged in both oils showed similar values with ageing. 2-FAL in oils also showed an exponential increase with paper ageing, which confirms the suitability of using the conventional paper ageing indicator, 2-FAL in the GTL oil applications.

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Year: 2015

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