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Reference: ISH2015_392

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Performance tests of ± 1200 kV DC Voltage Measuring System at CPRI



Ultra High Voltage (UHV) Laboratory of Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), a national testing and certification authority, provide test facilities at Hyderabad unit to utilities and manufacturers of power equipment for all types of high-voltage tests as per International Standards for all equipment up to 1200 kV AC power systems. ± 1200 kV, 200 mA DC test system has been commissioned recently at UHV Research Laboratory. The DC tests system is intended for HVDC transmission line research studies as well as dielectric, corona and RIV tests on all equipment rated ±800 kV DC. The HV DC test source can also be used for studying pollution performance of ceramic and composite insulators. The HV DC source is provided with two independent measuring devices one each for each polarity. Owing to the size of the system, the levels of the voltages and current used and interaction between the test and measuring circuits, IEC specifies the performance tests on the measuring systems be conducted in the premises of the test facility. The results of the performance test made on both positive and negative HVDC voltage measuring devices carried out as per IEC: 60060-2 are presented in this paper.

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Year: 2015

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