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Reference: ISH2015_388

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Comparison between measurements and simulations for induced voltages at sealing unit of insulated down-conductor



In this paper measurements and corresponding both network and FEM models for investigations of the behaviour of insulated down-conductors are presented. Special focus here is given to the sealing unit of the insulated down-conductor where surface discharges could occur because of high potential differences between the head piece and the equipotential bonding element during the conduction of lightning currents. In contrast to other works, here electric stress for testing is generated by impulse currents themselves with their high amplitude and steepness, which are flowing through the down-conductor. Thus, electric stress arises from the inductive voltage drop originated by self- and mutual inductances similar to reality. The objective is hereby to build up an equivalent network circuit model, which can predict the voltage distribution along the sealing unit for different arrangements and impulse shapes in time domain. At first an FEM model will be used to verify if the problem can be properly described within a simplified electrical network. Secondly, an insulated down-conductor is exposed by different impulse currents and the voltage along the sealing unit is measured. In a third step the tested arrangement was designed in ANSYS Q3D Extractor to obtain all needed electrical data to build up the precise network circuit model. Subsequently, after completion of the equivalent network model, the previous measured current wave shapes were injected to the circuit model and the results will be compared. Finally a first analysis with the help of the created equivalent network circuit model for different impulse current wave shapes is presented and discussed.

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Year: 2015

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