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Reference: ISH2015_374

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Pollution performance of HVAC Insulators; an interpretation using Dimensional Analysis Technique



In this research work, the applicability of dimensional analysis has been analyzed with respect to the profile dependencies of the porcelain insulator in accordance with its pollution withstand characteristics. Dimensional analysis has been carried out on the influential variables obtained from extensive literature survey. The solution for dimensional equation is obtained by using Buckingham's pi theorem. The Validity of the arrived equation is checked successfully by fulfilling homogeneity condition. Experimental verification against the arrived dimensional equations are verified with experimental values by carrying out pollution withstand test on various profiles of 400kV porcelain string insulators as per IEC 60507. The profile parameters of the insulator, its influence on pollution withstand characteristic, the co-efficient for corresponding parameters and their validation against experimental investigation are reported and discussed.

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Year: 2015

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