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Reference: ISH2015_343

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New Approach for TDR Evaluation for PD Pulse Localization



Partial discharge diagnostic is a well proven method for detecting weak spots in medium and high voltage cables. Beside the key parameters, like partial discharge inception /extinction voltage, partial discharge values in pico Columb and the phased resolved pattern, the most interesting result is the point of localization along the cable. Without exact localization even the interpretation of the key parameters could lead to wrong conclusions. The permanent growth of the distribution networks exhibit in many times mixed cables structures. Impedance differences of paper-mass insulated and cross-linked polyethylene cables challenge the analysis in time domain reflectometry, which could be observed by multiple reflections. This paper describes an automatic localization algorithm for partial discharges that uses several techniques of threshold modulation, signal analysis and statistic rating. Initially the different influences on the propagated pulse along the cable are described. Afterwards the stepwise proceeding in pairing a received partial discharge pulse to its reflection is shown. Finally the suitability of the algorithm on some field measurements is demonstrated.

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Year: 2015

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