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Reference: ISH2015_341

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Performance assessment of aged HV equipment and substations in Thailand transmission network for renovation planning



Nowadays, a large number of high voltage substations is now reaching end of lifetime. To renovate these aged substations, it requires a high capital investment from the utility. Then, the performance assessment of aged high voltage substations in Thailand transmission network is proposed. The performance assessment procedure has been firstly setup based on technical and economic considerations of aged high voltage equipment such as power circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, instrument transformer, and surge arrester. To evaluate the equipment performance, six criteria have been defined consisting of age, electrical stress, symptom or sign of failure, failed type, obsolescence as well as environmental and safety impacts. The equipment performance evaluation is developed by applying the Weighted Scoring Method and using the multi-criteria decision making process known as the Analytical Hierarchy Process to determine the weighting of each criterion. Subsequently, the known performance of individual high voltage equipment in each substation bay is combined together to define the bay performance and finally the substation performance. This known bay and substation performance are used to prioritize the renovation tasks, meaning that the substation or bay having low performance index should be renovated first. The setup procedure has been further developed in the web application software in order to use as a decision support tool for substation renovation planning. After the software was completed, the performance of 54 aged high voltage substations has been accessed with satisfactory result.

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Year: 2015

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