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Reference: ISH2015_318

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Charge Accumulation Phenomena of Silica-filled Epoxy Resin Spacer under DC field



HVDC is a key enabler in the future energy system based on renewables, and many research-projects have been launched in these days. One of the unsolved issues related to HVDC technology is charge accumulation phenomenon on the surface of insulators. The authors have developed surface charge measuring system on a model GIS-spacer under DC field, and mainly investigated the time evolution of charge accumulation on an epoxy spacer with alumina filler. As epoxy spacers containing silica-filler are also often used in H.V. power systems, charge accumulation characteristics on silica-filled epoxy resin spacers under DC field will be reported in this paper. DC voltage of ±30kV, ±60kV and ±90kV was applied to the spacer in 0.5-MPa SF6 gas as well as actual equipment. The numerical simulation of charge accumulation was also conducted taking the volume conductivities and relative permittivities of spacer and gas into account.

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Year: 2015

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