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Reference: ISH2015_315

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Characterization of Partial Discharge Signals Arising due to Several Fault Conditions through Non-Conventional and Statistical Analysis Methods: A Diagnostic Approach



The present study is limited to experiments involving partial discharge (PD) analysis of certain fault conditions that frequently occur in high voltage apparatus. In all, the PD patterns of electrical discharges arising due to three specific fault conditions are investigated. The chosen fault conditions are surface degradation at an underground power cable, surface discharges on an epoxy coated high voltage generator bar and electrical discharges at the metallization edge of a high power insulated gate bipolar transistor module respectively. First, the electrical discharges arising under the chosen fault conditions are recorded using conventional PD detection method. The conventional PD level (QIEC level) and phase resolved PD pattern respective to each chosen fault condition are recorded and analyzed. Later, the time and frequency domain representation of PD signals are studied. Once this is accomplished, the transfer function corresponding to each defective condition is obtained and the trend / pattern manifested by each defective condition are analyzed. In conclusion, it is believed that the present study might provide an insight into improving the interpretation strategies adopted during commissioning and acceptance tests.

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Year: 2015

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