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Reference: ISH2015_314

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New approach to calculate core losses in power transformers based on combination of FEM simulation and post processing algorithm



In the past there have been several approaches to build a model of power transformers. Nevertheless, it is difficult to estimate the behavior of power transformers regarding losses especially core losses. Core losses are mainly responsible for no-load losses in power transformers which should be investigated concerning COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 548/2014 with regards to small, medium and large power transformers. Hence, a FEM (finite element method) model and simulation of a single phase power transformer combined with a post processing algorithm to calculate its power consumption without load is proposed. The transformer is an air cooled core type setup. Based on construction plans provided by the manufacturer of the power transformer a realistic model is realized. In a first step a 2D model of the transformer is implemented in FEM software. Secondly, a 3D model is developed. Both models produce a flux density distribution inside the core which is exported for post processing. The core losses are evaluated afterwards with the exported data. The no-load losses of the transformer are gauged according to IEEE test code C57.12.91. Finally, the FEM-simulation and post processing results of the power transformer models are compared to the measured power consumption of the real transformer core.

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Year: 2015

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