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Reference: ISH2015_313

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Investigating the effects of nanoparticles on the electric field in dielectric material



Improving dielectric materials forms a large focus of contemporary research, as the ability to improve dielectrics with simple additive processes is desirable. One of the limitations in current research is a limited understanding of the underlying physics behind the exhibited behaviours. There exist models in literature that attempt to explain the underlying physics but most do not specifically incorporate electric field in their model, which is is arguably the most important aspect in insulation material engineering. The presented research investigates the electric field behaviour through simulations of the electric field in anocomposites. From these simulations many interesting results that are counter-intuitive were found. The overall patterns and trends in the electric field behaviour support a model previously proposed by the authors. Further research in this field may yield the capability to tailor insulators using design curves.

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Year: 2015

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