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Reference: ISH2015_310

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Improvement of measurement uncertainty of electrical fast transient burst parameters using measured step response and de-convolution



Electrical fast transient (EFT) generators are essential instruments in electrical fast transient/burst immunity tests. To calibrate EFT generators, the reference measurement system needs to have sufficient accuracy for all the defined burst parameters. This paper describes a method for improving the measurement uncertainties of reference systems due to their non-ideal step response. This method reconstructs the real output EFT pulse from the generator by de-convolving the recorded waveform with the impulse response of the measurement system, so that the errors caused by the non-ideal step response of the measurement system can be reduced. The proposed method is tested with two systems. The reconstructed waveforms of the two systems were found to converge to the real output of the burst generator. The differences in the parameters of the reconstructed waveforms are much lower than the tolerance defined in the IEC standard.

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Year: 2015

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