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Reference: ISH2015_31

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Characteristics of internal human body impedances in the range between low and intermediate frequencies



Internal human-body impedances (Z) at various contact current frequencies between 55 Hz and 100 kHz were measured, and the experimental results are analysed and discussed in terms of both the frequency of contact current and the physique of subjects for the purpose of contact current dosimetry. Thirty-five male volunteers of ages ranging from 21 to 66 years old with Body Mass Index (BMI) ranging from 16.1 to 41.4 kg/m2 were involved, and two scenarios of current paths (left-hand to right-hand and left-hand to left-foot) were employed. The magnitudes of Z spread between 640 and 770 ohms at low fre-quency, depending remarkably on each subject, while they monotonously becomes smaller as the frequency increases for all subjects, reaching down to values between 490 and 630 ohms at 100 kHz. Meanwhile, the phase shift angles of Z are almost zero at low frequency, and they gain the lead and increase as the frequency increases. It is demonstrated that the magnitudes of Z strongly depend on BMI, and decrease as BMI increases, for all frequencies examined. It is shown that the normalised profiles of the partial body impedance along the current path are almost independent of the frequency. It is clearly demonstrated that, although all of the reports investigated indicate that the magnitudes of Z monotonously decrease as the current frequency increases, the magni-tudes of Z measured at the frequencies up to about 1 kHz are significantly smaller than those reported by the other sources. Meanwhile, at higher frequency above 1 kHz, the experimental data are close to those based on the previous experimental works, while they are still smaller than the numerical ones.

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Year: 2015

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