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Reference: ISH2015_293

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Using HFCT for compliant PD measurements



The measurement and monitoring of some important parameters characteristic for the electric power equipment health evolution, from the moment of leaving the manufacturing company and throughout the active life, are contained in the standards in the field and followed carefully by the utilities. The paper deals with issues related to the accurate measurement of Partial Discharges (PD) level in the most different insulation systems and, particularly, with the consistent evaluation of the characteristics of measuring impedances used for PD signal acquisition. Lately, wideband High Frequency Current Transformers (HFCTs) are more and more used instead of the classical RLC measuring impedance provided in the basic IEC 60270 standard due to their ease of installation and high signal/noise ratio, but the adequacy of their characteristics to the phenomena under study is not always experimentally verified. In order to justify the future inclusion of HFTC in the basic standard, the general methodology contained in Amendment 1, developed and accepted in 2014 for the above standard, is applied in this paper. The achievement of some dedicated HFCTs with nano crystalline magnetic core is presented. The time and frequency responses of HFCTs achieved by authors are compared with the response of other commercial HFCTs and classical measuring impedances, by using current pulses generated by professional a PD calibrator and a numerical integration procedure.

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Year: 2015

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