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Reference: ISH2015_207

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Modelling and Experimental Validation of Temperature Rise in Metal Oxide Surge Arrester Blocks



Surge arresters arrest the surges generated in the power system, thereby protecting the equipment associated with power system network. The surge arrester fulfills its duty by providing high impedance for power frequency signals and low impedance for lightning and switching surge over voltages, which is reflected in its non-linear V-I characteristics. In this paper, models of surge arrester blocks of different classes and ratings are created as proposed by the IEEE working group. The residual voltage developed, the energy absorbed and the temperature rise is digitally simulated for different surge waveforms and is compared with the experimental results. The IEEE model parameters are derived from the dimensions of the blocks and also from the V-I characteristics obtained experimentally in the laboratory setup. The simulation is done for lightning impulse (8/20 µs), high current impulse (4/10 µs), switching impulse (45/100 µs) and long duration impulse waveforms. The impulse currents are applied on the metal oxide arrester blocks using the impulse current generator setup in the laboratory. The current and the voltage waveforms are recorded and the temperature rise in the metal oxide surge arrester block due to the application of impulses is measured using thermo sensors. The residual voltage recorded experimentally is in good agreement with the simulated waveforms. As per the energy absorption is concerned, there is a reasonable agreement between the experimental value and the value obtained from the digital simulation. The temperature rise measured experimentally is in excellent agreement with simulation results obtained from the IEEE model. This study proves that the temperature rise in the metal oxide surge arrester blocks for higher current magnitude lightning impulses obtained from digital simulation can be used as a valid data in such cases where the experimental measurement cannot be carried out due to the limitations in the test facility.

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Year: 2015

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