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Reference: ISH2015_186

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Experimental Investigation to Study the Ionic Current Environment for HVDC Transmission Lines



Design of HVDC transmission lines at UHV levels is critical with respect to their Corona performance. It is not only the economic importance because of power losses resulting from occurrence of corona on conductors, but is also associated with additional undesirable effects such as electromagnetic interference, audible noise, radio noise and presence of ionic charge in the space surrounding the HVDC transmission line. From the point of view of assessing the environmental impact, it is necessary to characterize the ionic current environment of HVDC transmission line. Evaluation of alternate line design based on entirely experimental means is proved to be costly and time consuming. On account of this fact, study ionic current environment of HVDC transmission lines by conducting scale down experimental models can provide significant support for alternate line design. This paper is aimed at analyzing the distribution of the ionic currents and their lateral profiles under the scale down experimental HVDC lines. The ionic current results under the actual environment conditions from normal to different experimental configuration are presented in this paper.

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Year: 2015

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