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Reference: ISH2015_182

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Electric field behavior around an HVDC laboratory termination



Gas-solid interfaces are integral parts in insulation systems of HVDC apparatus. The DC electric field distribution in these systems can significantly vary by the change of system parameters, e.g. voltage level and gas/solid conductivity, and hence the performance of the HVDC apparatus might be considerably affected. To understand the behaviour of DC electric field in an air-solid insulation system, different voltage levels up to -600 kV DC have been applied to a dry-type HVDC laboratory termination with EPDM insulating sheds. The electric field distribution around the termination has been measured along the termination length. This paper presents and analyses those electric field measurement results. Simulations have been carried out and the results have been compared to the measurement data. The effects of system parameters, like conductivity and different applied voltage levels, on the electric field distribution are also investigated. From the study a discrepancy is observed between simulation and experimental data. A hypothesis based on surface charge accumulation is presented to explain the discrepancy between the experimental and simulation results.

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Year: 2015

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