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Reference: ISH2015_177

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Influence of Air Particulate Matter on DC Corona Discharges with an Indoor Corona Cage and a Monopolar Test Line



Study on corona discharge of transmission lines has been widely concerned by the scholars for decades. As the development and construction of UHVDC projects in recent years, factors which affect the corona characteristics of conductors still has attracted people's attention. Especially the change of the environment, like the appearance of fog and haze phenomenon, has aroused a lot of concern. Air particulate matter is one of the main forms of air pollution, which will affects the electromagnetic environment characteristics of transmission line. In this paper, the influence of air particles on the DC corona discharge characteristics including the inception voltage and audible noise have been investigated. Tests were carried out with an indoor corona cage and a monopolar line, the inner electrode was a smooth stainless steel conductor with or without small metallic sphere embedded at the middle of the conductor as the corona source. UV camera was used to detect the corona discharge and the audible noise were measured by a microphone. In the test, the organic glass were disposed on the outer side of the corona cage which make it become an enclosed space. And a homemade particle generator was disposed in the cage to produce the air particulate matter into the corona cage. High voltage was generated by a DC generator. By the tests, the characteristics of DC corona discharge inception voltage and audible noise were obtained under the air particulate matter condition.

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Year: 2015

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