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Reference: ISH2015_14

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Effect of Atmospheric Pressure on the Plasma Parameters of AC Arc Discharge over the Polluted Insulation Surface



Power outage caused by contamination flashovers of insulators is a challenging problem for the power distribution lines in high altitude area. Laboratory experiments have shown that the arc characteristics have great influences on the study of flashover performance of contaminated insulators. In order to investigate the plasma parameters of AC arc discharge on the polluted insulation surface using optical emission spectroscopy, an experimental system for low pressure experiments was designed. The emission spectroscopy of arc discharge was obtained by a CDD spectrometer, and lithium chloride was added in the artificial pollution to introduce lithium as the indicator element in the analysis of arc emission spectroscopy. Arc temperature was obtained by employing the relative line intensities method, and the electron density was determined by analyzing the Stark-broadening values of the profiles. It was found that both the arc temperature and the electron density of the arc channel increased with pressure in the case of same leakage current.

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Year: 2015

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