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Reference: ISH2015_130

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Firing of chopping gap by alternative methods.



Firing of electrodes at impulse generators or chopping gap systems is usually carried out by the external electrode ignition system. The electrode systems are optimally set at a greater mutual distance than the spontaneous flashover. And the flashover of impulse occurs only when the space between the electrodes is ionized by external device. This method is very reliable, inexpensive and easily adjustable at single stage electrode systems. However, in the testing laboratories are often used multistage generators and electrode systems for the possibility of work with a higher peak value of impulse voltage. Firing of electrodes at these systems is complicated by the standard external electrode ignition system. Thus it may be better to use one of the alternative methods, preferably in wireless design. The main function of an alternative system is to create an ionized medium between system electrodes. It is possible to use UV germicidal lamps, UV lasers, powerful lasers or microwave energy and ionized radiation.

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Year: 2015

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