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Reference: ELT_298_5


Asset management for distribution networks with high penetration of distributed energy resources


Asset Management is the core business of Power Grid companies. Asset Management of power assets is becoming more complex due to the uncertainties resulting from longer asset life, inspection and maintenance of assets in remote places, environmental factors, the introduction of distributed energy resources, new statutory requirements, along with the deregulation and competition in the open market. The transition to these new energy systems poses additional challenges to Distribution Network Operators and their Asset Managers. Asset Managers must consider a high penetration of distributed energy resources at all voltage levels without knowing when, where and by whom, such new assets will be installed. The impact of DER on the loading, and the life span of distribution network assets is not yet well studied on an international scale, as many assets have not been monitored for sufficient periods of time. This study provides an international overview of current practices in asset management, and gives an example of applying the scenario technique to the management of distribution networks with high penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Distribution Networks in this study refer to an operating voltage of below 132 kV.


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Study Committee:  C6 ?

WG (TF): WG C6.27

Year: 2018

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