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October 2015



Life of Association
  • International Colloquium on Overhead Lines, Gridtech 2015, India
  • CIGRE Symposium, ‘Across Borders – HVDC Systems and Market Integration, Sweden
  • In memoriam of Anatoly F. Dyakov
  • In memoriam of Istán Nagy
  • CIGRE Invitation - Extraordinary General Assembly


Annual Report

  • SC C4 - System Technical Performance


Technical Brochures

  • 624 - WG A3.26 - Influence of shunt capacitor banks on circuit breaker fault interruption duties
  • 625 - WG A2.40 - Copper sulphide long-term mitigation and risk assessment
  • 626 - JWG C2/C5.05 - Market operators - Their evolution, current organisation ans future structure
  • 627 - GT D1.34 - Condition assessment for fuid-filled insulation in AC cables
  • 628 - WG B5.39 - Documentation requirements throughout the lifecycle of digital substation automation systems

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Year: 2015

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