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August 2015



Life of Association
  • CAGRE’15: ‘Towards the electrical grids of the future’’, 24th to 26th March 2015, Algiers


Annual Report

  • SC B2 - Overhead lines


Working Group Report

  • WG C2.35 - VIU/TSO/RTO OPERATIONS PERFORMANCE: GOALS, KPI’S, Their Quantification and use at different levels of decision making


Technical Brochures

  • 618 - WG D2.35 - Scalable Communication Transport Solutions over Optical Networks
  • 619 - WG B4.55 - HVDC Connection of Offshore Wind Power Plants
  • 620 - WG D1.42 - Radiation ageing of polymeric insulating materials and relevant testing
  • 621 - WG A1.38 - Guide: Generator On-Line Over and Under Excitation Issues
  • 622 - WG B1.42 - Recommendations for Testing DC Transition Joints for Power Transmission at a Rated Voltage up To 500kV
  • 623 - WG B1.43 - Recommendations for Mechanical Testing of Submarine Cables

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Year: 2015

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