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Reference: ELT_279_3


Feasibility of a common, dry type plug-in interface for GIS and power cables above 52 kV



To assess the feasibility of a common dry type plug in interface for GIS cable terminations, this TB addresses the state of the art about all GIS terminations (fluid filled or dry type), the practical issues when installing a dry type plug-in termination; the standardisation, qualification, after installation testing and market acceptance issues regarding a common dry type plug-in interface for GIS termination. It recommends setting up a new Working Group to define a functional design of an insulator with a common interface within a restricted application range. This has been approved by the Technical Committee of CIGRE and a new JWG B1/B3.49 has been launched.

File Size: 213,4 KB

Pages NB: 2

Study Committee : B1, B3 ?

WG (TF): JWG B1/B3.33

Year: 2015

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