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Reference: ELT_095_1


Emergency diesel generators for run down conditions. Parts A and B



In 1978 the Working Group ernbarked on a programrn ta examine the various aspects involved in the specification for Diesel Generators for ernergency nm doivn conditions in thermal power stations. 


The subject was originally divided into four sections :

a)     Philosophy and Single Line Diagrarns; 
b)     Diesel Generator Roorn or Housing;
c)     The Diesel Engine;
d)     The Generator.

The final report for parts C and D was published in Electra No. 86 January 1983, pages 23 to 31. 
ln order not to clash with work being carried out by other Working Groups, WG 11.06 has exarnined a typical single line diagrarn only briefly. This paper will therefore concentrate on the study of the philosophy and the detailed examination of the Diesel Generator Room or enclosure. 


File Size: 799,5 KB

Pages NB: 10

Study Committee : A1 ?

WG (TF): WG 11.06

Year: 1984

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