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CIGRE Science & Engineering

CSE 013



This journal is the outcome of CIGRE's desire to broaden its publication to scientific articles of interest for its members, and outside the CIGRE sphere.


In this issue, "Best of" papers, Paris Session 2018:


  • A1 - Investigations on ROCOF withstand capability on large synchronous generators 
  • A2 - Uneven liquid flow distribution in radial ducts in transformer winding cooling systems shown by CFD and experimental measurements
  • A3 - Optimizing the energizing scheme of unearthed shunt capacitor banks
  • B1 - Current and future applications of HPTE insulated cables systems 
  • B2 - Comparative Study of the Long-term Reliability of HTLS Conductor Systems 
  • B3 - Voltage uprating of existing Eskom high voltage substations when transient voltage stress and available withstand strength are coordinated 
  • B4 - Research and development of Ultra-High-Voltage VSC for the multi-terminal hybrid ±800kV HVDC project in China Southern Power Grid 
  • B5 - Power swing blocking and tripping - brazilian study case 
  • C1 - Planning a meshed HVDC offshore grid in the North Seas 
  • C2 - Icelandic operational experience of synchrophasor-based fast frequency response and islanding defence 
  • C3 - Use of avian radar as a method to study the effect of bird flight diverters 
  • C4 - Measurement and analysis of harmonic data to assess the impact of installations connected to high voltage systems
  • C5 - Smart TSO-DSO interaction schemes and ICT solutions for the integration of ancillary services from distributed generation
  • C6 - Effectiveness of different flexibility options and innovative network technologies
  • for the use in the BDEW traffic light concept, on the basis of a German distribution grid 
  • D1 - Insulation characteristics in DC-GIS: Surface charge phenomena on epoxy spacer and metallic particle motions 
  • D2 - Benefit and resolution of operational issues for information and communication systems using virtualization techniques in the electric power industry

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Study Committee : A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, D1, D2 ?

Year: 2019

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