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CIGRE Science & Engineering

CSE 003



This new journal is the outcome of CIGRE's desire to broaden its publication to scientific articles of interest for its members, and outside the CIGRE sphere.


In this Issue, “Best of” CIGRE 2015 Lund Symposium & “Best of” Young Researcher Contest, JICABLE 2015


  • Editorial
  • Harmonic Load Flow during Geomagnetic Disturbances
  • Definition and Classification of Terms for HVDC Networks
  • Assessing Power System Flexibility for Variable Renewable Integration: A Flexibility Metric for Long-Term System Planning
  • Long-term Behavior of Stationary Electrical Connections in Areas with Harsh Natural Environmental Conditions
  • Investigation of the Influence of Embedded VSC-HVDC Transmission on Power System Stability
  • Fast local converter set point adaption after AC grid disturbances based on a priori optimization
  • Distributed voltage control and fault management of star-connected multi-terminal VSC MMC systems
  • Spatially-resolved Measurement and Diagnostic Method for Power Cables Using Interference Characteristics of Travelling Waves
  • Measurement and modeling of surface charge accumulation on insulators in HVDC gas insulated line (GIL)
  • Modelling of Viscoelastic Dynamic Bending Stiffness for VIV Analysis of Submarine Cables

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Pages NB: 96

Year: 2015

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