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Colloquium - Montreal 2006

  • 2006-1 – WindFREETM Reactive Power for Wind-Turbine Generators
  • 2006-2 – Offshore Wind Farm Integration Using FACTS and HVDC Solutions
  • 2006-3 - Hydro-Québec Grid Code for Wind Plant Interconnection
  • 2006-4 - Wind Interconnection in Manitoba
  • 2006-5 – Wind Farm System Protection and Stability Using Peer to Peer Communications
  • 2006-6 - Southwest Development Project – Expansion of the Alberta Transmission System to Enable Interconnection of Wind Generation
  • 2006-7 – Wind Power Impact on Load Following and Day Ahead Unit Commitment Costs in the Maritimes Area
  • 2006-9 – Developing Emission Limits for the Connection of Disturbing Installations to Power Systems
  • 2006-10 - InfiniBand-Based Real-Time Simulation of HVDC, STATCOM, and SVC Devices with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf PCs and FPGAs
  • 2006-11 - Assessment of Short Circuit Level and TRV Impact on Existing Substation due to the New Addition of a Wind Farm
  • 2006-12 - Variable Slip Wind Generator Modeling for Real-Time Simulation
  • 2006-13 - Extracting Features for Power System Vulnerability Assessment from Wide-Area Measurements
  • 2006-20 - Voltage Flicker Model of Wind Turbine Generators due to Wind Shear and Tower Shadow
  • 2006-21 - Assessment of Modeling Techniques for Obtaining Hourly-Resolution Wind Plant Output for Future Wind Integration Impact Studies
  • 2006-22 - HVDC with Voltage Source Converters and Extruded Cables for up to ±300 kV and 1000 MW
  • 2006-23 - New Simulation Method for the Study of Subsynchronous Resonance (SSR) in Variable Speed Wind Turbines
  • 2006-26 – C7T Reclassification System Cuts Costs of Grid Metering
  • 2006-28 - The Impact of High Penetration of Wind Energy on the Vulnerability of Power Systems
  • 2006-29 - Overview of research in Atmospheric Icing of Power Network Equipment at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC)
  • 2006-30 - Trends in Hydro Generator on-line Partial Discharge Data to Assess the Condition of Stator Winding Insulation
  • 2006-31 – Research Activities at the Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie Chair on Simulation and Control of Power Systems
  • 2006-32 - R&D Programs at UNB Sustainable Power Research Group
  • 2006-37 – Experiences in Dynamic Stability Modeling of Wind Farms for Grid Integration Studies
  • 2006-38 – Voltage Stability and Short Circuit Issues when Integrating a Wind Farm with the Grid
  • 2006-39 – Using Power Electronics at Hydro-Québec to Secure Strategic Lines during Ice Storms
  • 2006-41 - Using innovative Energy Management Software technology to ease Distribution Energy Resource penetration into Networks
  • 2006-42 – Condition Assessment Techniques for Ageing Utility Infrastructure
  • 2006-43 - OURANOS / HYDRO-QUEBEC: Un modèle de partenariat durable
  • 2006-44 – Towards Wind Forecasting at Hydro-Québec
  • 2006-45 – A 100 MW Variable Frequency Transformer (VFT) on the Hydro-Québec Network
  • 2006-46 - Transient Modeling and Simulation of Wind Turbine Generator and Storage Systems
  • 2006-47 – Wide-Band Power System Stabilizer

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Year: 2006

Place: Montreal, Canada

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