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MO surge arresters - Metal oxide resistors andsurge arresters for emerging system conditions


WG A3.25 investigated various aspects of MO surge arresters for emerging system conditions. The research project on energy handling capability of MO resistors was continued, addressing the influence of multiple and repeated current impulses. The long-term performance of MO resistors was addressed for the first time in a broader context. High field MO resistors and their possible applications are discussed. The current state of simulation approaches for MO resistors and arresters with examples were discussed in detail. Application aspects for UHV arresters and line arresters, including testing are addressed. A brief history of MO surge arresters is given and the influence of the investigations done by WG A3.17 and WG A3.25 on the international standardization concludes the Technical Brochure.         


File Size: 6,2 MB

Pages NB: 165

Study Committee:  A3 ?

WG (TF): WG A3.25

Year: 2017

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