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Experience concerning availability and reliability of digital substation automation systems (DSAS)

Nowadays Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Performance (RAMP) are essential indicators for systems operating in every domain, included digital substation automation systems (DSAS). In order to collect a feedback from the experience gained by both utility and manufacturers to date, the working group carried out an international survey, investigating the adopted measures to achieve higher level of RAMP, from the concept and definition to the disposal phase of a DSAS lifecycle. Throughout the Technical Brochure, figures from the survey, collating experiences and common practices from the DSAS user community about DSAS dependability, are presented, analysed and discussed. Furthermore, meaningful suggestions are given to Users and Vendors, in order to allow them to specify, design and develop the new systems with an improved level of RAMP. Some numerical evaluation of the availability and reliability of different DSAS architectures are also given.

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Pages NB: 155

Study Committee:  B5 ?

WG (TF): WG B5.42

Year: 2017

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