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Coatings for Protecting Overhead Power Network Equipment in Winter Conditions



This Brochure reviews the state-of-the-art research activities related to coatings to protect overhead line equipment including insulators, ground wires and conductors in winter conditions, using superhydrophophobic/icephobic coatings. In some cases, such coatings can also provide protection against corrosion and corona discharge. Methods for testing and characterizing various properties of these coatings are also recommended. Keywords: icing, overhead line equipment, superhydrophobic and icephobic coatings, conductors, ground wires, insulators, flashover, pollution, self-cleaning, semiconductive glaze, corona, structures, testing, aging, durability, characterization, camouflage, corrosion.

File Size: 3,5 MB

Pages NB: 117

Study Committee : B2 ?

WG (TF): WG B2.44

Year: 2015

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