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Modelling and Simulation Studies to be performed during the lifecycle of HVDC Systems

The purpose of this CIGRE TB is to provide an overview of the simulation tools, models and study procedures typically required at different stages of the lifecycle of an HVDC system. The document classifies the lifecycle of HVDC into five main phases: studies for planning and preparation of technical specification of an HVDC project; studies performed during bid process; post award studies; studies performed for commissioning, studies over the operational life of the HVDC system. For each stage the brochure presents the objectives, required input data and results of the main simulation studies as well as discusses the study related responsibilities between the entities involved to the HVDC project. The brochure also presents examples how the main simulation tools presented in the brochure are applied for HVDC lifecycle related studies.

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Pages NB: 177

Study Committee:  B4 ?

WG (TF): WG B4.38

Year: 2013

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