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Reference: 116-2014_0181


Challenges relating to EHV AC Extruded Cable Systems to secure High Power Transmission



The paper presents the challenges relating to the construction of long high power underground cable transmission lines. Global economic approach has pushed to increase cable lengths per delivery drum; the technical obstacles to be overcome and the performances required as a result of the increase in potential stresses applied to the metal screen insulation are shown. Different novelties in bonding diagram such as “direct cross bonding” are explained, highlighting their benefit as well as their prerequisites and limits. The use of longer delivery lengths as well as “direct cross bonding” method supposes that an accurate and thorough study of the electrical stress applied to joint shield break is carried out as part of the basic design of the link. The authors give practical experience with direct cross bonding. Increasing the transmitted power and minimizing the number of joints are one of the main market drivers. Though extruded insulation has been implemented successfully throughout the world in HV and EHV AC links, in most cases, the prequalification of extruded cable systems does not include overload cycles or emergency temperature.

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Year: 2014


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