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Reference: 112-2014_003


Influence of 380 kV AC Underground Cables on the Dynamic Stability of Dutch Transmission System

This research as a part of the TenneT TSO cable research program attempts to find the influence of cable integration into the South-West 380 (SW380) project on the dynamic stability of Dutch transmission system. In fact, due to the cable capacitance which is much higher than capacitance of the OHL, high capacitive charging current is produced in the cable which may causes severe problems in the system. This paper deals with the dynamic response of the system related to this extra reactive power, especially the response of generators with respect to various disturbances like switching on/off the cable, fault current and etc. Furthermore, three different shunt compensation arrangements including line end, cable end and midline compensation are studied and compared from view point of dynamic behaviour. The required amount of shunt compensation based on the new proposed sizing criteria is also reported. The simulations are for the 2020 dynamic model of the Dutch HV transmission network and performed in PSS®E. In the paper, dynamic calculations have been performed for different lengths of cable in the SW380 project. Since only the dynamic aspect is taken into account, no conclusions can be drawn on the total amount of cable that can be installed in the Dutch system.

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Year: 2014


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