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Reference: 104-2014_0174


Economic and technical evaluation of AC versus DC transmission depending on the transmission distance



For the connection of offshore wind farms, the question arises as to which is the most efficient grid connection system from a technical and economic point of view. The important decisive criteria to select the technology to be used include the distance between the offshore wind farm (OWP) and the closest grid connection point on land, as well as the output of the OWP to be connected. The aim of the studies described in this report is to determine the dimensions for the essential components of grid connection systems for offshore wind farms using HVAC and HVDC technology and to investigate their performance. In addition, a technical and economic analysis is performed on the grid connection variants, so that a sound assessment basis is established for the decision-making process, which also addresses the environmental and spatial planning aspects, such as the width of the route and the space required (both on land and at sea).

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Year: 2014


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