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Reference: 07_217_1964

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Uplift resistance of guy anchor plates

In 1961-1963 Imatran Voima Osakeyhtio (The Imalra Power Company) carried out some 250 full-scale tests on guy anchor plates, in which the depth, slope, circumference and area of the plate and the slope of the uplift force were varied systematically. 
The effect of compacted backfill, the size of the pit, the time between installation and uplift and the rate of loading were also studied. In addition, tests were performed in two different soils. 
Sorne of the tests were analysed by statistical methods to produce a mathematical model expressing the relationship between the uplift force and the systematically varied factors mentioned above. Since this equation is too complicated for practical purposes, a simplified equation has been developed. The effects of different factors on the uplift force are also described. 

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Year: 1964

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