Log on to and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find YOUR ACCOUNT (see below) :



Click on CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT which you will find under the Password box. This will take you to a new screen where you can enter your details (see below). 

In this area, you have compulsory information to fill in and this is highlighted with *. Complete all this compulsory data.


IMPORTANT NOTE : On e-cigré, you are required to use your real, full name for your account. Don't use fictitious name or forged e-mails to register. Failure to comply with this condition may result in account suspension.


For CIGRE Members only:

There is a space for your Membership Number this is either your Corporate or Individual number.

If you do not complete the form with your membership number you will be treated as a non-member and required to pay for most documents you want to access.


For Non-Members only:

You need to complete only the Compulsory sections marked with * and this will allow you to purchase and then access to the documents you require. The cost of each document required will be displayed and once requested you will be directed to an on-line payment system if the download requires payment.

For more information about CIGRE Membership, click here.


STEP 3: 

Once the information has been entered you must tick the box "I'm not a robot". This will do an on-line check of your information and if correct will verify it by allowing you to click the OK button. If not verified please check the information you have entered.



STEP 4: 

Once the above 3 steps are completed you will receive an email to your nominated email address that you entered. This will require you to verify the email address and registration in One-Click. Once this is done you will have been set up in the system and can access everything you need in e-cigre.

Note: You will need to log on each time you wish to download documents but you do not have to log on to search for the documents.



After you have been able to set up the account you MUST go back in (Log On) and go to YOUR ACCOUNT in the top right-hand corner of the webpage. Hover here and go to the Profile and Preferences link.

Once you are on that page please check if your membership number is properly saved in the dedicated field, or fill in your membership number again and save it. If you do not do this then you will not get free access to all documents and any new documents will not be downloaded for you without payment.

This is a critical step in ensuring you get full access of all your entitlements in



If you need any further assistance, please contact us.

Thanks to the Australian and US National Committees for their contribution to the Help section.


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