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Symposium Muscat - 2023

  • 1841      Photovoltaic Cables for Renewable Energy and Importance of Long Term Testing
  • 1785      Polymeric terminations in MIND insulated HVDC cable systems
  • 1762      Design Improvements in Uprating Existing Transmission Lines – A Method with No Service Disruption
  • 1813      Performance Evaluation of insulator under effect of environment condition
  • 1840      Mitigating Overhead Conductor Temperature Risk with Engineered Surface Coatings: Bringing Sustainability for Grid
  • 1775      Today`s Trends in Composite Insulator Technology and Application
  • 1816      A novel controllable line commutated converter for mitigating commutation failure in multi-infeed HVDC system
  • 1800      Application of AC choppers for HVDC systems connected to weak or isolated AC grids
  • 1779      Field experience of VSC HVDC Converter reactors – a review and outlook after 25 years’ service experience
  • 1758      Operational Challenges faced in protection coordination of DMR line in  +/- 800kV Champa Kurukshetra Multipole HVDC Link
  • 1755      A Strategy for Maximum Utilization of Active and Reactive Power Capabilities and Increased Efficiency of Voltage Source Converter HVDC links
  • 1736      Aspects of Long-Distance HVDC Transmission with Impact of Inverter-Based Renewable Generation and Assessment of Converter Interactions
  • 1733      Enhanced Modular Multilevel Converter for HVDC Transmission Solutions in NetZero and 100% Renewable Powered Grids
  • 1799      A Novel Grid-Following VSC Controller Without PLL for Systems with Very Low Short Circuit Strength
  • 1798      Transient stability analysis and operational measures for resilience level events in power system
  • 1740      Improving safety, reliability and operating efficiency of distribution networks
  • 1796      Assessment of Inertia for Indian Power System
  • 1756      Studies on stray gassing characteristics in renewable and environmental-friendly liquid insulation for transformer
  • 1832      The Design and Multiphysics Simulation analysis of station service voltage transformer
  • 1817      Defining the limits of No load test parameters at over excitation to ensure no over-fluxing of core of Transformers based on a case study: A Perspective for Utilities
  • 1752      Study and analysis of the impact of smart meter on emerging green technologies in Oman
  • 1757      When Human Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence
  • 1774      Big Data based maintenance planning – data mining and utilisation
  • 1827      Research on Key Technology of Ultra High Voltage DC High Speed Switch
  • 1735      Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of SF6-based SP-3 and SF6-free Eco 145kV Gas Insulated Switchgears
  • 1772      Study on Effect of Environmental Ageing on Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) rod used in Polymeric Insulator
  • 1825      CIGRE fourth reliability survey on substation equipment
  • 1820      On the Dielectric Properties of Recyclable Liquid Silicone Rubber under Thermal Aging
  • 1822      Machine Learning Algorithm based Condition Monitoring of PV Solar Plant through Ultraviolet Image Processing
  • 1749      Power Distribution Estimation in VSC-based MT-MVDC Distribution Systems with Droop Control under Steady-State Operation
  • 1765      Verification of effectiveness of peak shift and voltage control technology toward mass PV penetration
  • 1747      Investigating the PV Contribution's Limit with Utilizing Battery Energy Storage Systems to a Micro-grid: A Case Study on the Rafha Micro-Grid
  • 1753      A Novel Concept for a 100% Renewable Powered Grid with High Concentration of Co-Located Utility-Scale Converter-Based Generations
  • 1792      Performance analysis of grid forming inverter with different control strategies
  • 1739      Techno-economic feasibility study of integration of various renewable energy sources into an existing grid system with smart grid and energy storage device in Oman
  • 1818      Practical comparison between a flywheel and Li-ion battery: A case beyond Li-ion batteries for small scale installations
  • 1819      Simplified design and selection method for solar thermal
  • 1824      A novel Study of Load Profiles
  • 1773      Automated transmission network planning toolchain for the greenfield network design of NEOM
  • 1766      Dielectric fluid immersion cooling for thermal management of lithium-ion batteries: A review
  • 1821      Practical comparison between a water based solar photo-voltaics-, solar thermal- and solar photo-voltaic-thermal systems
  • 1777      Aautomation approach for estimation of maximum res generation for each node of the distribution network in powerfactory software
  • 1776      The Spinning Reserve Mechanism Options applied for Oman Electricity Transmission Network
  • 1761      Measuring, understanding and utilising the residual inertia of demand and embedded generation to secure and optimise system operation – The Great Britain case study
  • 1782      Operational Planning Methodology in Indian Power System Under High Renewables Regime
  • 1744      An Advanced Approach to Solve Economic and Emission Dispatch Problems Based on Lightning Search Algorithm
  • 1831      The regulatory arrangements for private renewable projects in view of Oman transmission business

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Study Committee:  A3, B2, B4, C6 ?

Year: 2023

Place: OMAN - Muscat

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