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ISO 55001 Asset management implementation guidelines and case studies




CIGRE WG C1.34 has developed between late 2015 and early 2019 a high level guideline as to what documentation, products and processes pertaining to Asset Management (AM) are required in order to streamline the ISO 55000 certification process for electric utilities. The WG built on findings and recommendations from WGs C1.1, C1.16 and C1.25 and provided a forum where participating utilities compared their level of AM maturity in case studies and a self-assessment survey. The webinar will provide an overview of AM principles, important examples of implementation guidelines for some of ISO 55001' 71 "shall" statements, and insights from the self-assessment survey (50+ utilities) and the 4 case studies.


The downloaded document includes on the first page the link to the video, and the complete presentation in PDF format.


File Size: 1,9 MB

Pages NB: 37

Study Committee:  C1 ?

WG (TF): WG C1.34

Year: 2019

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