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October 2018



Life of Association
  • Edito - CIGRE: The way forward - By Rob Stephen, President of CIGRE
  • Overview of the CIGRE 47th Paris Session - August 26-31, 2018
  • CIGRE Session Key Figures
  • CIGRE Women in Engineering Forum - Paris - August 30, 2018


Reference Paper

  • Sustainability – At the Heart of CIGRE’s Work


Annual Reports

  • SC C4 - Power system technical performance


Technical Brochures

  • 736 - WG C4.503: Power system test cases for EMT-type simulation studies
  • 737 - JWG A3.32/CIRED: Non-intrusive methods for condition assessment of distribution and transmission switchgear
  • 738 - WG D1.53: Ageing of liquid impregnated cellulose for power transformers
  • 739 - JWG B4/B5.59: Protection and local control of HVDC-grids
  • 740 - WG B3.43: Contemporary design of low cost substations in developing countries
  • 741 - WG D1.52: Moisture measurement and assessment in transformer insulation - Evaluation of chemical methods and moisture capacitive sensors

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